Verification & Limitation


Verification & Limitation

Codineer Verification

Some of our products are copy-protected with our so-called "Codineer Verification". This means that in order to verify that you are the buyer of the product, you need to enter your Tebex transaction ID in the configuration of the respective software.

Copy protection measures

Most of the products we offer on this, or other, platforms are protected against unauthorized copying and redistribution. For this we use our so-called "Codineer Verification". Removing or attempting to remove this copy protection measure is prohibited and we reserve the right to revoke your access to the respective product, other products purchased from us, or the entire platform. Furthermore, Codineer Verification will automatically block your product if necessary. You can appeal this suspension through our customer service, but we reserve the right to maintain the suspension without giving a reason.

We also reserve the right to manually block access to a product, other products purchased from us, or the entire platform, with or without cause. This can also be appealed to our customer service, which we do not have to comply with.

Usually your complaint will be approved and your product will be unblocked. If a single product is blocked, other products are usually not affected and you can also purchase the blocked product again.


All products are provided as-is. We are not obliged to comply with requests to customize the products. We also reserve the right to change certain product features over time and not reintroduce them in the future.

We provide support only for legally obtained copies of our products and reserve the right to refuse support for illegally obtained copies and to take legal action.

We also reserve the right not to assist you in installing our products if there are specific installation instructions in the documentation, package contents, product page or other documents available to the customer.

We also reserve the right to refuse to make adjustments to third party software, even if they are necessary for the use of our products. In addition, we do not provide support for third-party products, even if they are related to our products.

Furthermore, we are not liable for any damage to property or persons caused by improper installation or use of our products. Nor are we liable for those caused by mistakes in our software, also called "bugs".