What is the CodiPass

The CodiPass is a subscription that gives you access to a variety of our resources and you only need to purchase one product. The CodiPass is available in 2 variants, the CodiPass and the CodiPass Plus, which are both available in 1 month, 3 months and one year periods.

What is the difference Between CodiPass and CodiPass Plus

The biggest difference between the CodiPass and the CodiPass Plus is the number of available resources. In CodiPass most of our resources are already included, but in CodiPass Plus almost all resources are included and all future resources will be added to CodiPass Plus directly at release.

CodiPassCodiPass Plus
Always the latest resources
Ai Taxi Pro
Backup Pro
Phone Tracker Pro
Toggle Siren
Vehicle Behavior Pro
Bus Driver Pro
Circle Map Pro
Garbage Collector Pro
Government Pack for Backup Pro
Heli BehaviorPro
Helicopter Pack for Backup Pro
Mailman Pro
Taxi Driver Pro

Military Pack for Backup Pro
Permissions Pro
Plane Behavior Pro
SWAT Pack for Backup Pro
Sheriff Pack for Backup Pro
T-Rex Loading Screen

Safe Zones Pro

CodiPass (1 Month)
9.99 EUR
CodiPass (3 Months)
14.99 EUR
CodiPass (1 Year)
49.99 EUR
CodiPass Plus (1 Month)
14.99 EUR
CodiPass Plus (3 Months)
29.99 EUR
CodiPass Plus (1 Year)
67.99 EUR